4 Questions, 55 Writers, Hundreds of Writing Insights & 111 Journal Writing Prompts

Great writing doesn’t have to be a mystery, nor an expensive, frustrating series of coaching sessions. Often, all many writers need are motivational tips, some inspiration, insight, or a few good writing prompts to unleash the best writing possible. You can now get all that and more in “Writers on Writing: Inside the lives of 55 distinguished writers and editors.

Have you ever wondered what sets “the great writers” apart from the average writers? Have you ever wondered how to up your own writing, and move from average into award-winning content? Would you like personalized writing coaching to help you achieve your creative dreams?

Are you looking for inspiration? Direction? Writing coach Chip Scanlan offers that and more in his new book, “Writers on Writing: Inside the Lives of 55 Distinguished Writers and Editors.” Chip’s challenge when writing this book was to discover the thinking, the process, and the skills of great writers and to share them with others. He spent two years seeking out great writers and interviewing them, collecting their answers to four simple questions in their own words, and creating writing prompts to inspire and motivate other writers to explore their own writing process.

These 55 interviews take a broad look at the researching, interviewing, and writing secrets behind Pulitzer Prize winners, journalism and book award-winning writing. By asking each writer or editor four questions about lessons learned, Chip found some surprising answers, many metaphors and the best writing advice the professionals have to offer.

Writers, teachers, coaches and writing groups will find this book lends itself well to exploring the thoughts and processes of great writers.

A second book, “Writers on Writing: The Journal,” adds 55 coaching tips and 55 inspirational quotes to the writing prompts. It gives teachers and students a writing course to read, write and document their own writing journey. Both books can be read independently or as companion volumes.

“By asking four questions to 55 of our finest writers and editors, Chip Scanlan has hosted one of the greatest writing conferences you will ever attend.”

– Roy Peter Clark, The Poynter Institute

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